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The reason why I want to get into VC is because There’s no better way to have an impact on society and our globe, than to invest in startups because the ideas today are transformative. We can all be a part of what that transformation might look like.

Noticing that what we do has an impact. That ourselves, our communities and our countries are all part of the same system.  For that system to be healthy, the individuals within the system must act responsibly and with respect to the rest of the system.  For humanity to prosper, the businesses of tomorrow should not only look at their balance sheets but also, and more importantly the impact on the larger system as a whole.

Being raised in a country with unparalleled natural beauty but sadly one that is also struggling to overcome extreme poverty. After years of ignoring the un-prosperous living standards of people in my country started to affect me.

I have learned that we, as individuals, our societies, and the organizations that we form a part of, are all interconnected.  My determination to transform sectors is also to serve as an example, by creating companies committed to responsible products, with attainable financial models focused on core values that will provide fair shares to stakeholders, care for the people and the planet.

For me, this means disrupting and always challenging the status quo.  It is taking a stance in being unwilling to accept the world’s standards as just good enough and shattering the expectations put on by others. I am committed to dedicating my time & resources towards collaborating in opportunities that dismantle industry norms across investments, partnerships, consulting, and philanthropy.

Since I can remember, success has been primarily measured by the material value of goods and services. But collaboration could and should serve society. We have to return to a values-based society where people are motivated not only by money, but also by a sense of service to the community.

Working together is the best way to advance innovative ideas but we need those ideas not only to create material value but also to foster social progress.