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Worth Sharing

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VC List(various Sources)
VC List(various Sources)
Full Resource List · SignalFire's Back-Office Adulting Guide
Online spreadsheets for startup valuations
Minsky Moments in Venture Capital - by Abraham Thomas
Sam Altman
Venture Capital Blogs - Venture Capital Newsletter and VC Jobs
Reading list for Associates and Analysts in private equity and venture capital - David Teten
The Full List of Slack Communities - Universe
Investor Best Practices - David Teten
The big ideas that fintech will tackle in 2022 | Andreessen Horowitz
Noticias | MrPink VC
VC Valuation, Term Sheets & Cap Tables Course
Business Slack groups - Slofile
Revenue-Based Investing: A new option for founders who care about control - David Teten
Growing a VC - David Teten
Free Advice – Versatile Venture Capital
Enterprise Tech 30 | Presented by Wing Venture Capital
Cafe Society | David Litwak | Substack
The PACT | VC Lab
Venture Capital Deal Warehousing | VC Lab
The Ultimate Guide To Get Limited Partners | VC Lab
The PACT | VC Lab
Brad Feld
17 Venture Capital Blogs You Should Be Reading
Learning from Founders
Favorite Words | Redfield, Blonsky & Starinsky, LLC
Breaking into VC
talk the talk (a tech glossary) - for your information
Venture Vocab
Startup-Investor Matching Tool
Building a Venture Capital Ecosystem | by GoingVC | GVCdium | Medium
An emerging manager’s not-so-secret superpower
VC x Software — which tools do VCs use? | by Jamahl | thenetwork | Medium
The Emerging Manager Toolbox
Resources - IRMA - The Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance
Best Link in Bio Tool for Creators | Beacons
UPCOMINGVC® – Venture Capital Education Platform
The Emerging Manager Toolbox
Flow: The Normie Blockchain
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Venture Hacks - Advice for startups
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Vinod Khosla: "Big opportunities are changing the structure of society" - Venture Hacks
Archives - Venture Hacks
Presentations CGS 2021 – Colombia Gold Symposium
Invest — REFASHIOND Ventures
Go-to-Market in Web3: New Mindsets, Tactics, Metrics | Future
Memberstack - Free Templates for SaaS Pricing, Subscriptions, Memberships and more.
Build & operate businesses without code | Makerpad
Investment Management | Redfield, Blonsky & Starinsky, LLC
Access or sell shares of private companies through our funds | EquityZen
Venture Capital Financial Modeling - Venture Capital Newsletter and VC Jobs
Messages / Founders Lab VC – Cabal
Venture Capital Blogs
Venture Capital Career Paths | John Gannon Blog
Forum Ventures | Our Team and Company Values
Next Generation Venture Capital | VC Lab
Startup Valuation Nest
Venture Capital Domicile Report By VC Lab | VC Lab
trumpet's 200+ sales tools, resources and more
Managing Your Startup Board — A Short Presentation | by Mark Suster | Both Sides of the Table
Both Sides of the Table
Upfront Ventures
The Connect Ventures Thesis (part 2) | by Connect Ventures | Opinionated Products | Medium
Members Area | Alts
Founder Institute: World's largest pre-seed startup accelerator.
VC 101: Frequently Asked Questions – NextGen Partners
Resource Center – Knowledge Database of Venture Valuation
VC Stack
GitHub - wang502/slack-vc at producthunt
Seedproof - List of investors
OpenVC | All VC firms by thesis. Radically free and open.
Venture Capital Jobs | Startup&VC
LP Tools Tools for VC Investors | VC Stack
GitHub - taspinar/twitterscraper: Scrape Twitter for Tweets
All Tech Events - Techmeme
Scaling to $100 Million · Bessemer Venture Partners
Upd8r by Oper8r | Substack
PE and VC Recruiting on Vimeo
Resources for those interested in venture capital and private equity | by Jason Heltzer | Venture Evolved | Medium
Roadmap: Deep Tech · Bessemer Venture Partners
Philosophy · Bessemer Venture Partners
Startup Economics | SmartAsset
2021 Venture Capital Salary Survey - Venture Capital Newsletter and VC Jobs
Venture Capital Senior Associate Jobs (Now Hiring) | VC Blog & Newsletter
Pitch Day & Talks - M ACCELERATOR
VC Calculator by Newfund - Google Sheets
Pitch Deck Templates (for PowerPoint & Keynote) – VIP Graphics
Upd8r by Oper8r | Substack
FREE LESSONS | Sutton Capital
Resources for those interested in venture capital and private equity | by Jason Heltzer | Venture Evolved | Medium
Angel & VC Resources — Occasionally Useful
The Mensarius Oath | VC Lab
What Is Your Venture Capital Investment Thesis | VC Lab
genei - AI-powered research
Copy.ai — the pitch deck that closed $11M from Sequoia & Tiger | by VIP Graphics | Medium
How to talk to VCs according to their personality (and raise funds effortlessly) | by Elveo | Entrepreneurial Resolutions | Medium